Jeffrey Glasko Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Academics, Life Style, Facts

Jeffrey Glasko Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Academics, Life Style, Relationship, Social Media, Facts

A 53-year-old and dashing husband of David Bromstad, Jeffrey is a former Designer and Tv personality of America, he is gay and also a Project Manager, COO, Police Officer, SFO, SWAT Team leader, Instructor, Uniformed Petrol Detective.

He specializes in all these fields and shares the experiences he has through them, he is a very talented man and loves to experiment his hand in varieties.

Jeffrey Glasko’s Wiki

Full nameJeffrey Glassco
Age53 years old
SpouseDavid Bromstad
COO, Police Officer, DFO
Sexual orientationGay
Currently inAmerica
Relationship statusDivorcee

Jeffrey Glasko’s Personal life

Jeffrey Glasko is known as the famous husband of David Ramstad their relationship has completed a decade after he claimed a lawsuit against which he lost badly.

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Jeffrey was a police officer and served there for 5 years; he is in his early 50’s. He is always very secretive and keeps privacy in his personal matters like his family and relatives are not disclosed yet by any sources.

Jeffrey Glasko’s Academics

He did her graduation in criminal justice from Roger Williams University and for Studying Police Science he attended Old Dominion University. He achieved a few certifications and licenses for services.

Jeffrey Glasko Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Academics, Life Style, Relationship, Social Media, Facts

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Jeffrey Glasko’s Relationship Status

He is a very private man and keeps his life away from the limelight but many found him involved in a very dramatic and romantic relationship with David but there is no guaranteed clue about that, he is a focused man and prioritizes his work over any other thing.

However in 2010 Jeffrey and David came forward and confessed their love for each other and also stated that their love was old but they confessed it later to each other, they first met in 2001 at a pub in Orlando and got infatuated and after confession, they dated for a decade and they were very much into love with each other paparazzi found them vacationing together infamous events together and they never hide it from anyone, in 2015 they got separated and their love turned into a legal fight where Jeffrey filed a lawsuit against David claiming that David made his situation worsened in addiction with drugs and left him emotionally and financially devastated.

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Jeffrey Glasko’s Networth

There is no information revealed about Jeffrey’s profession, net worth, and about his income. He indeed us living a luxurious life, when Jeffrey and David were together they reportedly had a sum of 3.5 million dollars.

Jeffrey Glasko’s Social Media Presence

He is a very reserved kind and doesn’t spend his time on social media, he is only on Twitter and joined it just to gain the popularity to oppose David in the lawsuit, otherwise, he hasn’t made his appearance on any other social platforms.

Jeffrey Glasko’s Facts

  1. Jeffrey is a gay
  2. He has a tiger tattoo on his neck
  3. He specializes in a variety of professions.
  4. He filed a lawsuit against his partner.
  5. Joined Twitter to voice his frustration against his boyfriend David.
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