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“Forever Marilyn”, a giant statue representing Marilyn Monroe’s (By seven Year Itch. Artist – Seward Jhonson) wide sensuous smile stands at Chicago, Hamilton, Bendigo, and Stamford. The statue itself has always created numerous controversies.

marilyn-monroe Biograhy

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Sexuality as such is never a welcomed notion and therefore incidences of vandalizing it and painting it red have been very common. Marilyn Monroe was a tough lady with high aspirations. She was a commercially successful actress.

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Monroe had to face many discriminations due to the kind of roles she played in movies like “Niagara” and “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”. Niagara presented Monroe as a sex icon. Many of the scenes of the movie exhibiting her body in sensuous forms were used for marketing.

In “Gentleman prefer Blondes” she played a dumb blonde girl. All the roles which were being offered to Monroe’s limited her scope of acting. After a certain period of time, it seemed that she was saturated with sexy and dumb roles. She rejected “The Girl in Pink Tights”. She performed at USO shows for 4 days to counter the negative publicity.

Billy Wilder’s comedy “The Seven Year Itch” gave a turn to Monroe’s career. Most of the film was shot in Hollywood. One of the scenes where her white skirt blew was shot at the subway. The scene grabbed attention and became a buzz that helped in marketing. The movie was released in June 1955 and became a commercial success.

Later on, she also established her own production house. This was initially confronted and defamed but later success of production house made petty mouths shut.

The early life of Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was born to Gladys, a mentally sick lady. Her father’s name is not known. After being attacked by her mentally sick mother she was sent to foster care.
She was raised by Grace and doc Goddard for a few years.

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At the age of seven, she again went back to foster home where she was raped a few times at the age of 11. This had a hazardous impact on her mind and her initial years. At the age of 15, she dropped high school and married her boyfriend Merchant marine Jimmy Dougherty in 1942.

Career When husband jimmy was transferred to south, Monroe started working in the factory in Van Nuys. There she was discovered as a photogenic face by a known photographer. After this, she started receiving modeling assignments and soon became a successful model.

After a few modeling assignments started her movie career and became an actor. Initially, acting didn’t give Marilyn a fly high but as she learned, she grew as an actor. After her movies started gaining commercial success, she became the first choice for bold roles.
Marilyn redefined bold and sexy onscreen.

She added a new dimension to the world of sensuous and bold cinema. Blond hair and black mole slightly above red pouty lips captured hearts of millions across the globe.

Marilyn Monroe Bio

Full NameNorma Jeanne Mortensen
BirthdateJune 1, 1926
DeathdateAugust 4, 1962
Resting PlaceWestwood Village Memorial Park Cemetry
OccupationActress, Model, Singer
Popular AwardsHenrietta Award
Photoplay award
BAFTA award
Golden Globe Award
Laurel Award
Crystal Award
Spouse James Dougherty 1942-1946
Joe Dimaggio (1954-1955)
Arthur Miller (1956-1961)
Twitter Handle
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Marilyn Monroe was a bombshell. Rising from a very humble and tough childhood she worked hard and soon captured Hollywood. Her journey was a roller coaster ride!

Marilyn Monroe Love Relationships 


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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be ridiculous.”
than absolutely boring.’’

Monroe has been given different tags and named as one of the boldest and fearless actresses. She managed to grab the tension of most famous men of the generation.

During her peak years rumors of her Link up with men of higher authority and fame became the talk of the town. John F. Kennedy, Author Miller, and Joe DiMaggio were few major relationships known to date.

Monroe became an icon and symbol of sensuality all over the globe but in spite of fame, she was always alone in her personal space. She married twice in her lifetime to have a child of her own but failed.

Since early childhood she was alone and probably that loneliness drew her to art she pursued. She worked hard in ads than music videos then albums and movies but gaining stardom and becoming an icon did not bring peace to her personal space. Eventually, this became a major setback and followed by her few major failures she was drawn into depression. Her marriages failed and she was left alone.

Marilyn Monroe Death

She was found dead in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962. The overdose of barbiturates was reported as the cause of her death.

Net Worth of Marilyn Monroe

  • During her career, Monroe grossed approx 200 $ million. Her famous and most talked movies were :
    1.The Asphalt Jungle
    2.All about eve
    3.How to Marry a Millionaire
    4. There is no business like show business
    5.The seven-year itch
    6. The prince and the showgirl
    7. Some like it hot
    8.The misfit
  • Marilyn Monroe’s Quotes

Monroe is known and remembered for her sex appeal, beauty and idiosyncratic sense of
humor and sly wit. One asked about her successful career she gave a reply which defined her loneliness.
She said, “ A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.’’
Monroe died of an overdose of barbiturates. Her body was buried in her favorite Emilio
Pucci Dress.
Her life is an ironical testimony of stardom and fame. It proves these are hollow
perception of being happy.
She has been imitated by Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani. Charles Casillo
published an autobiography of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe is not just a sensuous icon to remember, She is someone who in spite of all odds made her footprints in history. There are few people who have the courage to overcome the noises surrounding them!

She exhibits that no matter what comes in life, one should try to make most of it and live because life is for living on your own terms. Holding the chain of your dreams in your hand is necessary to turn them into reality.

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