Chris Burros Net Worth, Spouse, Personal Life, Work

Chris Burros Introduction 

Chris Burros was a famous Media Personality. He had a marvelous professional and personal career. He started his career during his studies itself at Chapman University. He has always been enthusiastic about his career in media.

Chris Burros Net Worth Spouse Personal Life WorkHis parents were alien to the media industry but even then they supported their son to pursue the career of his choice.

Chris Burros anchored KTLA 5 Morning News on weekends. This show made his career reach heights of glory. It brought him all the fame and recognition he deserved for his work.

He made a mark with his intellect and bravery in several coverages during his early career.

Let’s dig deeper to find out unrevealed truths about Chris Burros Life and his career. Although his death is still a mystery and several speculations are made with reference to the way he died.

Chris Burros Wiki (Bio)

Marital StatusMarried
Net WorthUnknown
ChildrenOne Daughter
Spouse (wife)Mai Do Burros
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter
EducationSouth California
Married/WifeMai Do-Burrous
DaughterIsabella Burrous
Salary$63,450 to $142,873
Net Worth$400 thousand

Chris Burros Early Life

Chris Burros was one of the most bright kids in his early childhood. He always had an inclination towards literature and journalism. Although his parents were NASA engineers they fully supported their son in his dream.

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Chris completed his education from Chapman University and started his career in journalism. He started his career in the mid of his education like an internship. He was smart enough to analyze the prospects of a demanding career. Therefore he prepared himself well and took up the journalism career.

Chris Burros Professional Life

Chris Burros started working as an anchor in Southern California. During the time when he started working, he was still a student at Chapman University. He served as a broadcaster at KCKC-AM and KCXX-FM. Both of these were the radio stations in San Jose, California.

After finishing his studies at Chapman he took up as an anchor of a morning show. He worked at KGET-TV. After gaining enough experiences he joined Tribune and anchored in WPIX-TV. After working as the lead anchor and gaining much experience he sailed himself to CW TV station in 2010.

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He was completely immersed in his work. His work also continued on weekends when he worked for breaking news reporting. Often he was accompanied by Henry Dicarlo, Sam Rubin, and Lynette Romero.

He had tough times when he avoided his foot surgery due to his work priorities and commitments.

His efforts were all paid off well. As a KTLA anchor, he was paid a handsome salary of $143,863- $145,863.

Chris Burros Wife and Daughter 

Chris Burros had a beautiful personal life. He is married to Mai Do Burros. After his death, his family mourned and his wife suffered extreme mental trauma. He is also blessed with a charming daughter. He often posted pictures of his daughter on social media accounts.

Both Chris and Mai were in the same profession. While working at KGET-TV Chris met Mai. They fell in love soon tied the marriage bond. They had a fairy tale love story with few ups and downs. They also produced one daughter together after two years of marriage.

His Daughter’s name is Isabella.

Chris Burrous Instagram:

How did Chris Burros Die? (Chris Burrous Cause of Death)

Chris died young. His death was a tragic incident. Still, there are numerous stories and speculations revolving around his death.

He died on 27 December 2018. His body was found at Days Inn in Glendale. He was unconscious and lost his nerve. When the investigation was made the reports revealed methamphetamine toxicity as the primary cause behind death. Hypertension and cardiovascular disease added to the misery.

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His death was a shock to his friends, followers, and families. His colleagues at the KTLA family missed him and mourned severely after.

The president of KTLA TV officially said,

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Burrous family. Chris loved sharing the stories of Southern California and connecting with our viewers. He will be remembered as a great journalist and a wonderful friend to many. He brought kindness to his work and will be deeply missed by the entire KTLA family.”

His death was tragic but he always made a mark throughout his life. He will be a relished journalist in the history of KTLA.

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