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Sarah Hewson Wikipedia, Age, Married, Bio, Husband SKY News


Sarah Hewson is a British TV Anchor and presenter, now she currently works for Sky News. Normally she is great journalism. She always maintains a balanced routine of her personal life and professional life.


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She never maintains any kind of tight schedule in her life, she always does her work with fun. As a television personality, she appears every single day on TV screens. She has greatly maintained a balance between the various aspects of her life. Sarah married her husband Sam Hewson in 2010, they have three children.

They all currently resident in London. She also a patron of Oscar’s pediatric Brain Tumour charity. Sarah still gets with her parents and shares all the worst and good part of the day with them.

Sarah Hewson  Age, Married Life, and Family

Sarah Hewson married Sam Hewson in 2010; he is a great person with her life. She is not just married to her husband but also shares all the beautiful things of her life and make their life full of love and happiness.

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Sam Hewson is a young, good looking and one son in his parents. The father of Sarah feels very proud because his daughters choose a great person to spend the rest of her life.

Sarah wants to spend her whole life with her husband with some family goals. They have five family members including two boys and a girl, who live in London. Sarah celebrates her birthday every year on the 10th of November with her parents and grandparents.

Sarah Hewson  Professional Life

She is very successful in her professional life, in 2007 she was a part of the news team that covered the 2007 Oscars live. She also taking interviewed a number of actors and actresses, including the Academy Award Winner for Best Actress, Helen Mirren.

However, she continued to closely follow the lives of the royal family. She followed the queen herself and her husband, the Duke of Edinburg when they went on their US in 2007 and when they made their tour of Uganda along with her son, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

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Later, she accompanied Prince Charles and Princess Camilla to their tour of South America where she interviewed them and later to their first official tour to New Zealand and Australia. She also covered the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In 2008, Prince Harry went to the Kingdom of Lesotho in Africa to provide relief for the thousands of orphaned children, as their parents were killed by the AIDS epidemic there. Sarah had interviewed him there.

Sarah was one of the rare reporters who take the interview Prince Andrew on his 50th Birthday and his daughter, Princess Beatrice.

Currently, she is a presenter on Sky News with the anchor Adam Boulton and they in interviewed three prime ministers of Britain, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Sarah Hewson took the interview of six members of the British Royal Family and she held the position of Royal Correspondent of the British Royal Family.

She was involving with the British Royal Family up to the death of Princess Diana, moreover the six months and she coverage the investigation of the death of the beloved princess.

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She was also the one who finally announced the court verdict on Sky News and followed it by producing a 30-minute-long documentary about the last moments of the late princess.

Following that, the next big thing Sarah covered was the July 7 bombings of London in the year 2005. She was the general news reporter at that time & one of the first to broadcast the images of the bombings that shook the nation. She did it by live broadcasting from the Sky News helicopter high above the city. This coverage led her to win an award.

Almost 18 years of excellent breaking news, top stories and headlines make a better salary for her. She also shows the news related to Finance and income sources.

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