Jamila Mustafa: Net Worth, Salary, Career, Life

Jamila Mustafa is one of the most celebrated journalists of our time. She is ranked amongst the youngest and most popular faces in the landscape. Merely at the age of 26, she has managed to grab fan following of millions across the globe. She is also ranked at the top in terms of highest-paid journalist at the age of 26.

 Jamila Mustafa: Net Worth, Salary, Career, Life” is locked Jamila Mustafa: Net Worth, Salary, Career, Life
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Figures given below are a testimonial to her success until now!

Estimated Net Worth this year (2019): $1million-$5million (Approx)

Previous Year Net Worth (2018) : $100,000- $1million (Approx)

Do you also want to know how?

Let’s find out!

Jamila Mustafa General Description:

Jamia Mustafa’s BirthdayJanuary 1993
Jamia Mustafa’s Age26
Jamia Mustafa’s BirthplaceNew york
Jamia Mustafa’s Height5’6
Jamia Mustafa’s SexFemale
Jamia Mustafa’s EducationDelaware State University, Bachelors in marketing
Jamia Mustafa’s ProfessionJournalist
Jamia Mustafa’s CountryNewyork

Jamila Mustafa Parents & Family

Jamila Mustafa is the face of the millennial generation. She is the holder of the international awards and is named among the most influential 40 people in the US. Sources reveal that Jamila Mustafa is born in a family of mixed religion. Her father is Muslim and her mother is Christian. Jamila was born in New York on 13th January 1993.

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She stays away from home due to work commitments but makes sure to visit her parents. During one of the chats, she also revealed that she really loves her mother and wishes to make her proud. She revealed how her mother sacrificed her banking career to get her to auditions. Her father worked really hard to manage the family. She is an absolute darling to her parents.

According to tales woven around her childhood, it’s said she did not like her name in the beginning years. Later, during a visit to her grandparents’ home in summers, she came to know the real meaning of her name which made her fall in love with her name. Her name is a combination of two “Jamila” means “beautiful” and “Mustafa” means “The chosen one”.

She is very close to her family and friends and is very active since her childhood. She was very active in her college and the event learned karate from the very beginning.

Jamila Mustafa College Life and Education

Jamila won hearts even in college, she was Miss Delaware State University. She graduated with a degree in a mass communication course. Soon after graduating she began working and since then she has always raised the bar for herself.

Philadelphia Eagles Kids Club (NBL Films): Television Host

ESPN: Interviewing for Entertainer Basketball Classic At Rucher Park(Harlem) (2016)

Worked for Fox TV: Interviewed Prominent Footballers, Coaches.

The interviewer at Comcast: Conducting Interviews, Covering live events, Breaking News

Worked as Actress: Industry Series, Short Films, National Commercials and many more.

Hosting the MTV Signature Show: TRL

Jamila Mustafa Career and Work

Even before she graduated, she started working in Philadelphia Eagles Kids Club. As soon as she boarded has graduation degree, she spread her wings to all the possible ventures. Initially, she worked for Fox TV interviewing prominent footballers, coaches and teammates.

The fluidity and easiness are the two ingredients perfectly blended in her conversation and skill. Later she went on to work with Comcast. After gaining significant popularity and making several hallmarks she took up the stage and played key role as lead role actor in several Industry series, Short films, National Commercials and many more.

Conclusively, a lot has been said about Jamila Mustafa and a lot more is still left to be discovered.

Jamila Mustafa Salary

There is not much known about Jamila’s salary and annual income status but her projects reveal that it will surely be more than we can expect.

Jamila Mustafa Spouse / Boyfriend

Jamila has her private space and not much is known about her boyfriend. Obviously, she is not married.

Jamila Mustafa Net Worth

Net Worth (2019)$1 Million – $10 Million 
Estimated Net Worth (2018)$100K – $1 Million
EstimatedNet Worth (2017)Not Available

Where to Find Jamila Mustafa?

Jamila Mustafa can be seen every Saturday at 10:00 am on MTV TLR Top 10. She has interviewed top musicians including Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Lizzo & Ciara.

Jamila Mustafa in conversation with #thepolitician on #netflix Great show!

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She has been breaking records and is in demand. The energy she brings on stage makes her desirable. She wishes to take up more acting projects and polish herself more on that front.

People often compare her to Oprah Winfrey in which she absolutely takes a lot of pleasure. Few of her fans often refer to her as Next Oprah Winfrey!

Wishing Good luck to Jamia Mustafa, we hope she succeeds and we could relish more of her colors.

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