Leo Tolstoy Biography : (Books, Career, Marriage & Education)

Leo Tolstoy was an acclaimed author who wrote many critically acclaimed books. His works are still researched and appreciated worldwide.

Leo Tolstoy was born in the 18th century on 9th September 1828. He was a celebrated writer. His life was initially fulfilling but conditions became worse later on. Sources reveal that he was found dead alone.

His writings revealed a great deal of observation he made during his military service. There were times when his books created controversy and drew wide attention. To know more about him and his legendary life let’s put some spotlight on different phases of his life.


Leo Tolstoy Biography (Books, Career, Marriage & Education)

Leo Tolstoy – Wiki Bio

Full NameLeo Nikolaevich Tolstoy
Birthdate9th September 1828
BirthplaceYasnaya, Polyana
UniversityKazakh University
BooksChildhood, Boyhood, and Youth
 Sebastopol Sketches
 Anna Karenina
Death Date1st November 1910
Military ServiceJoined in 1851


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Leo Tolstoy’s Early Life Begining

Leo Tolstoy was born in a wealthy family and was given all amenities during his childhood. He was born in Yasnaya, Polyana. This place is located 100 meters to the south of Moscow, Russia. Sources reveal that he lived alone with his aunt. His parents died in a tragedy and he was brought up by his aunt. Even then he had no obstacles during his period of growth as a child.

Elite Nobles and Scholars were appointed to teach Leo Tolstoy. He learned basics of all art forms including horse riding, music, card games and many more.

Leo Tolstoy’s Education

He went to Kazakh University and for the next three years, he learned oriental languages. He also learned law and legal frameworks. After some time his native state was partitioned and therefore he had to leave his graduation in midway and return home.

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To re-establish peace in the lives of his native people he returned to Yasnaya.

Leo Tolstoy Provide Service as a Military man

He served in the military from 1851. He was posted in hilly tracts of the Caucasus Mountains. He was an active participant of prolonged war. He spent his free time reading and analyzing contemporary literature. During this era, he wrote Childhood, Boyhood, and youth in 1852. This publication was made in the newspaper “The contemporary”. He titled his work “L.T”.
Later on in his life to observing war more closely he was transferred to the front war end in the Danube. Inspired by the events in the war he wrote another work “The Sebastopol Sketches (1855).”

 Leo Tolstoy Beginning of literary Career

Soon Leo Tolstoy gave up his military career and travelled to peters burgh. He was active in Peter’s burgh where the literary community welcomed him. He travelled all over Europe gaining experiences for his work. During this time his family had a major tragedy, his brother died due to severe illness.

Due to this, he had to return to his native place Yasnaya, Polyana.

What did Leo Tolstoy do on returning to his native place?

Stunned by illness and quality of life in Yasnaya, Polyana Leo Tolstoy established a school to educate children. He believed that education can improve the lives of people in Yasnaya. He dedicated his time to build up reforms that could bring happiness in the lives of people around him.

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Leo Tolstoy Marriage

Leo Tolstoy was married to an 18-year-old girl in 1862. The girl belonged to an elite class family. Her father was a Moscow Physician. She was an author and shared similar interests like Leo Tolstoy. Initially, their marriage was a happy marriage.

But later on, situations did not favor fortune did not favor them. There were rigorous disputes between Leo Tolstoy and his wife. Majorly because Leo Tolstoy was more inclined towards a social cause. His wife could never understand his ways of work.

She could also not understand Leo’s enormous gratitude towards his native place and people. They quarreled over different issues. Ultimately, bitterness became a part of their relationship and soon they started living alone in a relationship.

After this Leo Tolstoy spent most of his time writing. Between 1863-1869 Tolstoy wrote War and Peace. From 1873-1876 he wrote Anna Karenina. These were two major works of Leo Tolstoy which made his acclaimed. The former was based upon the class distinction popular in Russia in those days.

Leo Tolstoy From 1875-1879

This period was very disappointing for Leo Tolstoy. His personal life went through a great depression due to which he tried committing suicide. He lost faith in God and suffered through illness as well. During this time his work titled “Confession” was also published. This was one of the controversial works but it earned worldwide acclaim.

In 1886 he wrote “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”, “Master and man” and “Resurrection”.

By the end of 19th Century

By the end of the 19th century, he became completely devoted to helping the poor. He promoted education, health and distributed wealth to needy. Whatever part of his income came through his work was also donated in welfare.

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His dedication was marked to such a limit that her wife was allowed only a limited amount to be taken. This amount was just good enough for survival. He did as much as philanthropy as possible. There were times when he did not receive any help and support from his wife.

Even after being with his wife he felt lonely. As a result of his loneliness, he left his village. This was a sudden decision after a major dispute with his wife.

Ironically an acclaimed author all over the world was found dead on a railway station. He lived his entire life with experiences. There was nothing which he could own in his entire life.

His death was tragic and left his followers stunned. They could not believe that renowned author Leo Tolstoy died so lonely.

He must have died but his creation and art will always remain alive!

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