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“The more you burn, the more you shine!”

This suits well for the personality of whom we have described in this piece of writing. Talent overcomes every hurdle which comes in its path. Mark Edward Fischbach is one of those creatures on this planet who can stir a wide range of emotions in you with his work.

He is a multidimensional performer. He is an actor, comedian, gamer, commentator and speaker. You can get motivated, happy, sad and excited while watching his work.

So let’s begin the journey to know him better!


Markiplier  Introduction

Popular by the name of Markplier amongst his fans, Mark has traveled a long journey with many ups and downs in his life. His youtube career started in 2012. Formerly, Mark has been studying to become a biomedical engineer. But, his love and passion as a YouTuber drew him. He left his studies and started working on his gaming youtube show.

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His video involved commentary on video games. The videos were absolutely unfiltered and involved shouting, laughing, giggling and loud burst. Maybe this was the reason why people enjoyed this show. It was uncensored and fun.

The show was flagged by a “Pink Moustache”. The pink mustache represented the alter ego of Markplier.

Markiplier  Wiki Bio

Full NameMark Edward Fischbach
BirthDayJune 28, 1980
ProfessionYou Tuber
Net Worth$28 million (Variable)
EducationUniversity of Cincinnati
SiblingsNot Known
ParentsFather (Served In military)
HeightNot Applicable
WifeAmy Nelson(Graphic Designer)

Markiplier YouTube Career

Markplier has his masters done on roleplay in horror and indie games. The most acclaimed and watched out works include:

    1. Five Night at Freddy’s Series
    2. Garry’s Mod
    3. Happy Wheels
    4. Slender: The Eight Pages
    5. Surgeon Simulator 2013 and many more.Markiplier Youtube:

Markiplier  Movies and Acting Career of Markiplier

Along with the gaming, youtube shows he has also paired up with Jack Black and Jimmy Kemmel working in few movies. Some of them are:

  • Smosh: The Movie
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: The musical
  • Disney XD Gamers Guide to pretty much everything
  • Youtube Rewinds 2015 & 2016

Markiplier Twitter:

How did it all begin?

Markplier began his work in 2012. He started with the video game  “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. After this, he also played Penumbra and Dead Space due to several repercussions his channel was banned by youtube. His Adsense account was blocked and this brought him into trouble.

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He appealed several times to youtube but ultimately he lost his hope. On May 26  he launched his own channel. Finally, he dubbed Markpliergame.

Markiplier Instagram: 

Markiplier  Career Ahead

Continuous working on his projects brought him fruitful results and in 2014 his channel was listed in NewMediaRockstars amongst 100 top channels. He held 61st position proudly and soon announced his arrival to Los Angeles. He announced this to come closer to the resources he needed to grow his business. After moving to closer content creators he approached Youtuber Jimmy Kimmel.

Following many successful projects, Markplier was listed among the topmost influencer amongst teenagers in the United States.


Recently he launched another successful channel with Youtuber Ethan Mark Nestor. This is called Unnus Annus. The current position of this channel is it is having almost 2 million subscribers.

The exploding figures are enough to analyze the success of Markplier.

Markiplier  Personal Life and Girlfriend of Marksplier

During his struggle days, he was in love with a YouTuber called “jess”. She is an incredibly talented individual and has her own youtube channel. At the time when they shared the bond, her channel had 10 thousand subscribers. Mark revealed that she inspired him to create Markiplier Highlights and sketch video series.

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Situations turned and the bond became fragile. However, the couple parted in great peace with no mutual grievance.

Currently, he is happily married to Amy Nelson. She is a graphic designer and his soulmate.

Both of them are seen hanging around a lot. Mark’s social media accounts are flooded with their pictures. They have a cute bond that seems made in heaven. The couple was recently pictured at the VidCon event.

They are happily married as of now and Mark’s personal space is blooming with happiness.

Mark has done well and we wish to see what he is having next for us as a YouTuber and Next-generation entertainer.

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